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soil test lab

The Auburn University Soil, Forage and Water Testing Lab serves farmers throughout Alabama through testing and analysis of a variety of agricultural materials, including soil, water, plant tissue, poultry litter, forages, and feeds. The laboratory also serves other Alabama residents by providing routine testing, commercial testing, and analysis of soil and tissue samples from lawns and gardens, as well as water from households, wells, and other water resources.

For more information, and to download testing forms, visit the Soil, Forage & Water Testing Laboratory online at aaes.auburn.edu/soil-forage-water-testing-lab/.

Auburn University Soil, Forage & Water Testing Laboratory

  • ALFA Building
  • 961 S. Donahue Drive, Auburn University, AL 36849-5411
  • Telephone: (334) 844-3958
  • Fax: (334) 844-4001