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Alabama Crops app homepageThe Alabama Crops app has been available to Alabama farmers for several years. Recent updates allow access to much more information—making the app a one-stop shop for producers. While many of the functions remain the same, there will be new features as well.

The Alabama Crops app is for producers of any scale. While most of the information will be tailored to Alabama producers, farmers in other areas may also download and benefit from the app.


The app’s features include:

  • crop comparisons (prices and environments)
  • profit profiles
  • variety trial database
  • ability to receive push notifications from agents and specialists
  • fertilizer calculator
  • access to crops team webinars
  • calendar of events
  • news

Download for Free

The Alabama Crops app is available as a free download from both the Apple App Store and Google Play. Download the Apple app for free. Download the Google app for free.