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Farm Worker Applying Pesticides

With all the changes to the Worker Protection Standards, the Alabama Pesticide Safety education Program has put together some links and documents to help you begin to navigate and understand what will be taking place. The majority of the rule revisions became effective as of January 2, 2017. Keep checking out website for updates in 2019.

Who needs the WPS training?

Any employee that sprays pesticides or work in areas treated with pesticides in the last 30 days. There are not grace periods for employees and training is required annually. This meeting will teach employers how to offer that training to their employees.

What is WPS training?

The Worker Protection Standard is a regulation the EPA has that is in place to protect Agricultural Workers. The EPA website defines who is covered by WPS as:

  • Pesticide handlers: those who mix, load, or apply agricultural pesticides; clean or repair pesticide application equipment; or assist with the application of pesticides.
  • Agricultural workers: those who perform tasks related to growing and harvesting plants on farms or in greenhouses, nurseries, or for.

What are some of the things WPS training covers?

Some of the requirements that are covered include Proper Personal Protective Equipment, Access to Labels, Safety, Health and Injury training, Re-Entry intervals and more.

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