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Alabama 4-H Computer Science program; youth coding on computer

Computer science is about computers and the software that makes them work. Computer programming, or coding, is the art of telling computers what to do. It is the instructions that make up the software that makes computers run in order to be useful.

In 4-H, young people can explore computer science beginning with Discovering Computer Science & Programming through Scratch (National 4-H Supply). There are many types of programming depending on what programming purpose is needed. Computer science also goes beyond typical programming and into areas such as:

  • Digital Images and Sound
  • Computer Graphics
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Bioinformatics
  • Software Systems
  • Data Management
  • Website Development
  • Operating Systems
  • Mobile Applications

While there are many other areas of computer science, a good way to start learning is through basic coding and preparing instructions for computers. Click here to view and download the 4-H Computer Science Curriculum. 

Contact your local Extension office to ask about getting involved.

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