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Group of diverse elementary school students playing together outside

Resource for youth ages 5–18
Developing tools to reduce bullying through empathy & understanding.

The National Center for Education Statistics reports that each year in America, 1 in 4 children are bullied. Bullying causes physical & emotional harm in children. The HYPE program works by promoting empathy as a method of bullying prevention. The HYPE sessions identify the 4 types of bullying (verbal, social, physical and cyberbullying) and practice strategies to stop bullying when it happens. 

What is the goal of HYPE?

  • HYPE works to build a safe school environment by decreasing harassment, victimization & bullying.

What is HYPE?

  • HYPE is the acronym for Helping Youth Promote Empathy.
  • HYPE is a series of 6 lessons designed to reduce bullying in schools & communities.
  • Each lesson includes videos and role-playing scenarios that encourage youth to talk about bullying and bullying behaviors.
  • Participants learn how to identify bullying behaviors, develop intervention strategies to combat bullying, and recognize the impact bullying & violence have on mental health.

Who is HYPE for?

  • HYPE works with all school-age children, 5-18.
  • The HYPE series can be reserved for your classroom or other youth groups.

How much does HYPE cost?

  • The HYPE program is absolutely free.
  • Alabama Extension personnel will come to your class or community facility.
  • We take care of everything for the session from set-up, teaching the session, and follow-up data analysis.


Stop Bullying, Create Impact. Image 1: African American child with her head down on her school desk, two girls behind her are bullying her. Image 2: Elementary school children sit on a rug around a teacher. Their hands are raised with questions, actively participating in the lesson. Image 3: Four diverse high school students smiling and walking to class together.


Contact Us

For more information, or to reserve a HYPE series, contact an Extension agent listed below.
If you do not see your county listed, contact the State Office. Alabama Extension serves all 67 Alabama counties.

State Office

Alabama A&M University

Dr. Angela Williams
Office: (256) 372-5713
Email: arw0033@aces.edu

Urban Centers

Lauderdale County Extension Office

Apriell Burgess
Office: (256) 766-6223
Email: azb0007@aces.edu

Madison County Extension Office

James Fountain
Office: (256) 532-1578
Email: jnf0017@aces.edu

Mobile County Extension Office

Pamela Irby
Office (251) 574-8445
Email: pgi0001@aces.edu

Montgomery County Extension Office

Danielle Rudolph
Office: (334) 270-4133
Email: ddr0007@aces.edu

Morgan County Extension Office

Tabitha Malone
Office: (256) 773-2549
Email: tlm0052@aces.edu

Tuscaloosa County Extension Office

Chante Myles
Office: (205) 349-4630
Email: ckm0011@aces.edu

Promote Empathy. A group of seven diverse high school students stand in a row outside of their classroom, smiling


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