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Four elementary school kids from diverse backgounds lay on the grass and smile at the camera.

Resource for youth ages 5 through 18
Developing tools to reduce bullying through empathy and understanding.

The National Center for Education Statistics reports that each year in America, one in four children are bullied. Bullying causes physical and emotional harm in children. The HYPE program works by promoting empathy as a method of bullying prevention. The HYPE sessions identify the four types of bullying (verbal, social, physical, and cyberbullying) and practice strategies to stop bullying when it happens. 

What is the goal of HYPE?

  • HYPE works to build a safe school environment by decreasing harassment, victimization, and bullying.

What is HYPE?

  • HYPE is the acronym for Helping Youth Promote Empathy.
  • HYPE is a series of six lessons designed to reduce bullying in schools and communities.
  • Each lesson includes videos and role-playing scenarios that encourage youth to talk about bullying and bullying behaviors.
  • Participants learn how to identify bullying behaviors, develop intervention strategies to combat bullying, and recognize the impact bullying and violence have on mental health.

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  • HYPE: Helping Youth Promote Empathy
  • 1 in 4 children are bullied.
  • HYPE works to build a safe school environment
  • by decreasing harassment
  • and teaching intervention strategies.
  • Stop bullying. Create impact. Promote empathy.
  • Alabama Extension, more in our cities. aces.edu/urban.

Who is HYPE for?

  • HYPE works with all school-age children, 5 through 18.
  • The HYPE series can be reserved for your classroom or other youth groups.

How much does HYPE cost?

  • The HYPE program is absolutely free.
  • Alabama Extension personnel will come to your class or community facility.
  • We take care of everything for the session from set-up, teaching the session, and follow-up data analysis.


Contact Us

Alabama Extension serves all 67 Alabama counties. If your county isn’t listed below, contact the nearest county on the list or the program specialist in the state office.

State Office, Alabama A&M University
Angela Williams, Youth Development Specialist
Office: (256) 372-5713 Email: arw0033@aces.edu



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