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A curriculum designed to reduce tobacco, alcohol, and drug use among youth ages 8 to 14.

What is Health Rocks!®?

  • Urban 4-H Health Rocks!® is a program designed to reduce tobacco, alcohol, and drug use among youth ages 8 to 14.
  • Health Rocks!® is a national 4-H curriculum implemented in Alabama, Georgia, Illinois, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia, Washington, and West Virginia (2017-2018).

What are the goals of Health Rocks!®?

  • Reduce youth smoking and tobacco use.
  • Help youth build life skills that lead to healthy
    lifestyle choices.
  • Engage youth and adults in partnerships to develop and implement community strategies to reduce smoking and other substance abuse.
  • Build positive enduring relationships with youth, involved as full partners, to address at-risk behaviors
    of youth.

A teenager in jeans and canvas shoes standing on asphalt road with choice of Yes, Maybe, No. Concept of standing at the crossroads unable to make a decision.

What to Expect

  • Easy-to-use curriculum style
  • Each activity is 30 to 45 minutes in length
  • Interactive hands-on learning
  • Can be used in 4-H clubs, after-school settings, classrooms and more
  • Meets National Health Education Standards

The Health Rocks!® Curriculum Focuses on Three General Areas

  • All About Me
    • Learn how drugs affect behavior and the health consequences of drug use
    • Learn and practice decision-making skills
    • Understand stress and learn how to relieve it
  • What Influences Me?
    • Learn skills to resist risky behaviors
    • Learn how family, peers, media and technology
      influence choices
  • Taking it Beyond Me
    • Share the message with the community
    • Commit to and celebrate being drug-free

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Ways to be Involved

  • Contact the local 4-H extension office
  • Request trainings
  • Ask about incentives
  • Tailor the program to your needs
  • Run the program through  your organization

Impacts & Reports

Contact Us

Alabama Extension serves all 67 Alabama counties. If your county isn’t listed below, contact the nearest county on the list or the program specialist in the state office.

State Office, Alabama A&M University
Angela Williams, Youth Development Specialist
Office: (256) 372-5713 Email: arw0033@aces.edu

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