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Emergency Handbook iBook

The Alabama Cooperative Extension System has an iBook to help families, businesses and communities prepare for storms and clean up after they pass. The Emergency Handbook is a comprehensive resource for emergency planning, preparation and storm recovery.

Built on research-based knowledge from Auburn University and other land-grant institutions including Clemson University, the University of Florida and Mississippi State University, it also draws on resources like the Extension Disaster Education Network (EDEN) and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).


The Emergency Handbook contains more than 100 pages in four broad categories including People and Pets, Home and Business, Landscape and Garden, and Farms and Livestock.


  • Stock the basics for emergencies
  • Caregivers guide for sheltering and evacuating
  • Caring for pets during storms and evacuations
  • Helping children cope
  • Food storage charts – indicating how long food is safe to eat after the power goes out
  • And more…


Personal safety after a storm

  • Threats from Fire Ants, snakes and other wildlife after a storm
  • Reentering and cleaning up a flooded home
  • Recovering family treasures
  • Saving damaged trees
  • And more…

Feature Videos

  • Alabama’s Wild Weather
  • Lightening is Frightening
  • Hurricanes in Alabama
  • Preparing for Evacuation
  • Flooding Can Be Deadly
  • Electric Generator Safety

Download “Emergency Handbook” for free from the Apple iTunes store.

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