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Alabama Extension at Auburn University Supplemental Nutrition Extension Assistance Program-Education (SNAP-Ed) uses an evidence based, multi-level approach to create a healthier population. To accomplish this mission, SNAP-Ed educators provided nutrition education to 49,330 individuals and facilitated 305 local policy, systems, and environmental changes to increase access to healthy food and physical activity for 46,000 people. In addition, SNAP-Ed targeted 785,000 eligible individuals through a statewide social marketing campaign encouraging Alabamians to Eat Better, Move More, and Make a Change.

Components to a Comprehensive, Multi-level Approach

DIRECT EDUCATION – Nutrition and physical activity instruction

  • Conducted and evaluated Body Quest, a third-grade obesity prevention initiative
  • Conducted and evaluated Live Well Faith Communities, a faith community health initiative
  • Launched Eat Better, Move More, a nutrition and physical activity youth summer program

POLICY – A written statement involving passing laws, resolutions, mandates, ordinances, regulations, or rules

  • Improved farmers market hours of operation
  • Established guidelines for foods served in faith community meetings
  • Established a no sugar-sweetened beverage policy at a summer camp

SYSTEM – A change in processes and procedures within an organization

  • Created or enhanced healthy checkout areas in grocery stores
  • Facilitated donations of fresh fruits and vegetables at food pantries
  • Promoted gleaning at gardens to make fruits and vegetables available at food pantries

ENVIRONMENT – A change to the physical space

  • Increased shelf space for healthier foods and beverages in grocery stores
  • Initiated, reinvigorated, and sustained edible gardens

PROMOTION – A marketing strategy to increase appeal

  • Provided recipe demonstrations and tastings in food pantries
  • Expanded Good Choice to promote healthy foods and beverages in food retail outlets
  • Expanded Body Quest marketing campaign in school cafeterias
  • Launches physical activity promotion campaign in parks and trails in partnership with CDC ALProHealth high obesity grant

SOCIAL MARKETING – A collection of campaigns using a variety of media

  • Placed billboards to target SNAP-Ed eligible Alabamians with healthy eating and activity messages
  • Increased engagement for Live Well Alabama, Alabama SNAP-Ed at Auburn University’s social media campaign
  • Used text messaging to motivate parents of Body Quest and Eat Better, Move More youth

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