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With the current outbreak of COVID-19, people are practicing social distancing and many are going under a quarantine. Alabama Extension is committed to providing these individuals educational resources during this time. In an effort to accomplish this, the Extension home grounds team has created several online resources for the public.

Get Outside with Alabama Smart Yards Series

This series will provide educational information for gardeners during the coming weeks through an online platform. The topics that will be covered in these sessions deal with common gardening and landscaping information.

Dates and Times

There is no fee to participate in this series. Each session will be hosted at 11 a.m. CT and will last for 45 minutes each. The sessions currently scheduled are


  • April 1 – Azaleas for Alabama, Shane Harris
  • April 2 – Disinfectants and Respirators: Be Smart, Dr. Sonya Thomas
  • April 3 – Managing Fire Ants in our Landscapes, Bethany O’Rear
  • April 6 – Thyme for Herbs?, Kerry Smith
  • April 7 – Vegetable Gardening Basics, Lee and Amanda Borden
  • April 8 – Creating Compost, Dani Carroll
  • April 9 – Snakes of Alabama, Bence Carter
  • April 10 – Container Gardens, Lucy Edwards
  • April 13 – TBA, David Koon
  • April 14 – TBA
  • April 15 – TBA, Dani Carroll


  • March 19 – Small Homemade Dutch Bucket Hydroponics, Tony Glover
  • March 20 – The Dos and Don’ts of Mulches in Yards, Bethany O’Rear
  • March 23 – Proper Planting Techniques, Taylor Reeder
  • March 24 – Wildflowers are for Landscapes Too!, Allyson Shabel
  • March 25 – Basics of Home Lawn Maintenance, Dave Han
  • March 26 – Managing Wildlife Around Your Home and Garden, Bence Carter
  • March 27 – Rain Water Harvesting, Rhonda Britton
  • March 30 – Let’s Get Fruity, Lucy Edwards
  • March 31 – Top Lawn Invaders and Management, Tim Crow

How to Participate

Each of these sessions will be presented through Zoom, an online video conferencing platform. To participate in this online series, register on the Auburn University website.

For more information on the Get Outside with Alabama Smart Yards Series, contact Dani Carroll.

Smart Yards Facebook Video Series

This series will present information on the top five plants you need to know. Each video will air Fridays at 2 p.m. These videos will air on the Alabama Smart Yards – Alabama Extension Facebook page. 


  • March 20 – Landscape Shrubs
  • March 27 – Backyard Vegetables
  • April 3 – Landscape Trees
  • April 10 – Backyard Fruits
  • April 17 – Cut Flowers
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