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Evergreen Azaleas with butterfly

Many varieties of evergreen azaleas thrive in Alabama’s soils. Learn the best variety for your landscape along with tips on how to plant, care for, and control pests and diseases in your prized azaleas.

Azaleas are a staple in Southern gardens and the most popular flowering shrub in Alabama. They are especially appealing because they come in various colors, shapes, and sizes. With so many cultivars available, you are likely to find an azalea or two or even three that fit nicely in your landscape.

Many of the evergreen azaleas we enjoy today can be traced back to Asia. We will focus on the more common evergreen azalea groups that have a history of performing well across the state.In making a selection for your landscape, you need to consider a cultivar’s mature size, growth habit, flower color, and cold hardiness (both of its foliage and flowers). These factors can be dramatically different among cultivars.

Read the full publication, Evergreen Azalea for Alabama, ANR-0200.

You will learn more about:

Plant Selection

  • Kurume Hybrids
  • Southern Indian Hybrids
  • Satsuki Hybrids
  • Glenn Dale Hybrids
  • New Reblooming Azaleas

Buying Plants

Planting Azaleas

Azalea Care

Insects and Diseases 

Azalea Propagation

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