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Shining Rainbow, Body Quest Warrior

Body Quest Warrior Shining Rainbow has the power to look and feel good inside and out because she eats plenty of colorful vegetables. Vegetables not only taste delicious, but are good for keeping you lean and healthy.

Vegetables are basic to good eating and having a healthy life. Be sure to have vegetables at every meal, even in snacks. Shining Rainbow loves snacking on crunchy carrots, yellow or green squash, or delicious red beets.

Tomatoes, beets, and red bell peppers are healthy like strawberries and watermelon. They keep your heart strong and give you excellent brain power.

Greens like dark lettuce, cucumbers, celery, green beans, broccoli, and okra help you see, lower blood pressure, help your tummy, reduce the risk of cancer, and boost your immune system.

Body Quest: Food of the Warrior is an Alabama Cooperative Extension System childhood obesity prevention initiative.

Shining Rainbow


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