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Body Quest Warrior Body Doc

Body Quest Warrior Body Doc has super warrior powers from eating fresh fruit. Do you like watermelon? What about apples or bananas? Body Doc talks about the super warrior powers that come from eating fresh, whole fruit.

The brighter the food, the better the medicine. Fruit has vitamins and minerals that act just like medicines. These vitamins and minerals found in fruit can help your vision, protect your heart, and keep you from getting sick by empowering you with super protectors. Think red: watermelon and strawberries. Think yellow and orange: cantaloupe and peaches. Green is great: kiwis and honey dews – and think about purple grapes and blue blueberries. Be sure to eat lots of wonderful, delicious fruits everyday – That’s the doctor’s orders!

Body Quest: Food of the Warrior is an Alabama Cooperative Extension System childhood obesity prevention initiative.

Body Doc


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