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A young woman takes her own blood pressure while on a video conference with her doctor.

Telehealth services are digital services used for talking to doctors or health care providers over the phone or via video chat. Patients can also send and receive messages and monitor health, such as heart rhythm, temperature, and blood pressure, through digital devices and social media tools. Telehealth services are easy, safe, and convenient ways to communicate with health care providers all from the comfort of home.

Content below reflects the text in the graphics of the video:

  • Let’s talk Telehealth!
  • Telehealth is a doctor’s care anytime and anywhere!
  • Connecting you with a board-certified doctor 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
  • You can connect by phone for a consultation, or by video.
  • Telehealth doctors can diagnose, recommend treatment and prescribe medication, if medically necessary.
  • Telehealth can help you to improve your health by using technology.
  • Why not try it today!