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Education for teens and adults of all ages. Increasing the knowledge & skills needed to understand personal finance.

What is FLIP?

  • FLIP is the acronym for Financial Literacy in Progress.
  • The FLIP program helps to improve your financial well-being.
  • The program consists of a series of four one-hour lessons that are taught in a group setting.
  • Classes are hosted throughout the year at the local Extension office.  Contact the office to find out when the next group will start.
  • We will come to you!  Alabama Extension personnel will come to your class or community facility to deliver lessons or program series.

The average credit card debt in Alabama is $7,105 compared to the national average of $5,700.1

FLIP lessons teach how to:

  • Implement a rational approach to buying
  • Recognize actions or behaviors that lead to debt
  • Develop a spending plan/budget
  • Build and maintain good credit
  • Apply strategies to manage and reduce debt
  • Avoid financial fraud and scams

40% of Alabama residents have debt that is near collections status.2

Who can request a FLIP series?

Flip classes can be requested by:

  • High school teachers
  • Community groups
  • Community centers
  • Agencies
  • Organizations
  • Faith-based groups
  • Other interested individuals

Contact a FLIP representative*

State Office – Alabama A&M University
Dorothy Brandon

Jefferson County Extension Office
Cynthia Whittaker

Madison County – Family Life Center
Donna Gullatte

Marshall County Extension Office
Juana Christian

Mobile County Extension Office
Pamela Irby

Montgomery County Extension Office
Ciji Griffin

*Alabama Extension serves all 67 Alabama counties. If your county isn’t listed, contact the nearest county listed or the State Office at the top of the list.


PowerPay: FLIP uses PowerPay, an online debt elimination program developed by Utah State University Cooperative Extension. www.powerpay.org


1 Business Insider. (2018, August 9). The average credit card debt in every state, ranked. Retrieved from https://www.businessinsider.com/average-credit-card-debt-in-every-state-ranked-2018-8.

2 Urban Institute. (2014, July 29). 1 in 3 Americans with a credit file has debt reported in collections. Retrieved from  https://www.urban.org/1-3-americans-credit-file-has-debt-reported-collections.

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