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Forage enterprise budgets are updated annually by Extension personnel to reflect recommended management practices for production on a per acre basis.  Projected costs are gathered from multiple industry sources and higher than average management practices are assumed in estimating the associated cost for that level of production. Producers should review these budgets and use the values that best reflect the cost on their operation.

Find below budgets for bahiagrass, bermudagrass, and fescue grass as well as budgets for overseeded winter annuals and winter annual grazing.

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The Alabama Extension farm and agribusiness management team is currently evaluating the format and details of these enterprise budgets. Please take a minute or two and fill out the short, five-question survey below, and tell us what you think. These surveys will help better Extension programs, and your input is valued!

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Enterprise Budgets for Alabama Forages

CropDownload PDFDownload Excel File
Bahia EstablishmentPDFXLS
Bahia GrazingPDFXLS
Bermuda EstablishmentPDFXLS
Bermuda – Grazing PDFXLS
Bermuda – Hay Square BalePDFXLS
Bermuda – Hay Round BalePDFXLS
Summer Annual for HayPDFXLS
Overseeded Winter AnnualsPDFXLS
Winter Annual – Grazing, ANR-2928PDFXLS
Fescue EstablishmentPDFXLS
Fescue GrazingPDFXLS
Fescue HayPDFXLS


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