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Teen Cuisine is an evidenced-based, cooking and nutrition education curriculum through the Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program (EFNEP). The curriculum targets middle school students that have limited access to resources. Offered in school and community settings, participants are taught in small groups, face-to-face, or remotely. Referrals, school partnerships, and agency collaborations are welcome.

Developed by Virginia Cooperative Extension, Teen Cuisine helps teens become self-sufficient in the kitchen, while teaching healthy habits that last a lifetime. Through the Alabama Cooperative Extension System, EFNEP modifies the Teen Cuisine curriculum to teach simpler concepts and activities to youth in 5th grade (Teen Cuisine), while teaching more challenging concepts and activities to students in 6th through 8th grade (Teen Cuisine Encore).

Lesson Titles and Topics

This curriculum is a series of six lessons. Each lesson includes a variety of activities on nutrition, food safety, food preparation, and physical activity. Typically, class sessions last approximately 45 minutes, utilizing interactive PowerPoint presentations, gamification, and hands-on activities. Young people learn how to prepare simple, healthy foods they can make for themselves and their family members at home.

  • Lesson 1: Eat Smart
    • Topics:  MyPlate, Variety of Foods, Knife Safety
  • Lesson 2: You Are What You Eat
    • Topics:  Food Labels, Portion Sizes
  • Lesson 3: Power Up with Breakfast
    • Topics:  Breakfast, Whole Grains, Lean Protein
  • Lesson 4: Find the Fat
    • Topics:  Go, Slow, and Whoa Method, Saturated Fat, Safe Cooking Temperatures
  • Lesson 5: Kick the Sugar Habit
    • Topics:  Added Sugars, Empty Calories
  • Lesson 6: Snack Attack
    • Topics: Nutrient-dense Snacks and Beverages

For more information, contact your local Extension office or follow Alabama EFNEP on Facebook at www.facebook.com/AUEFNEP.


Teen Cuisine Downloads

ThumbnailNamePDF (English)PDF (Spanish)
Teen Cuisine Pocket Folder, FCS-2474 Teen Cuisine Pocket Folder, FCS-2474PDF
Teen Cuisine Folder, FCS-2516Teen Cuisine Customizable Pocket Folder, FCS-2516PDF
Teen Cuisine Physical Activity Log, FCS-2478Teen Cuisine My Physical Activity Log, FCS-2478PDF
Teen Cuisine Activity Log, FCS-2517Teen Cuisine Customizable Activity Log, FCS-2517PDF
Teen Cuisine Certificate of Recognition, FCS-2403 Teen Cuisine Certificate of Recognition, FCS-2403PDFPDF
Teen Cuisine Flyer, FCS-2479Teen Cuisine Flyer, FCS-2479PDF
Teen Cuisine Flyer, FCS-2518 Teen Cuisine Customizable Flyer, FCS-2518 PDF
Teen Cuisine Recipe Cards, FCS-2530Teen Cuisine Recipe Cards, FCS-2530PDFPDF
Teen Cuisine Encore Recipe Cards, FCS-2531 Teen Cuisine Encore Recipe Cards, FCS-2531 PDFPDF
Teen Cuisine Encore FlyerTeen Cuisine Encore Flyer, FCS-2583PDF
Teen Cuisine Encore Pocket FolderTeen Cuisine Encore Pocket Folder, FCS-2584PDF
Teen Cuisine Encore Certificate of RecognitionTeen Cuisine Encore Certificate of Recognition, FCS-2585PDFPDF
Teen Cuisine Nutrition Facts Food Label Poster, FCS-2453Teen Cuisine Nutrition Facts Food Label Poster, FCS-2453PDF
Teen Cuisine Customizable Nutrition Facts Label Poster, FCS-2503Teen Cuisine Customizable Nutrition Facts Label Poster, FCS-2503PDF
Teen Cuisine Nutrition Facts Label HandoutTeen Cuisine Nutrition Facts Food Label Handout, FCS-2594PDFPDF
Teen Cuisine Plastic Bag, FCS-2504 Teen Cuisine Plastic Bag, FCS-2504PDF
Teen Cuisine Water Bottle, FCS-2506 Teen Cuisine Water Bottle, FCS-2506 PDF
Teen Cuisine Lunch Bag Graphic, FCS-2483Teen Cuisine Lunch Bag Graphic, FCS-2483PDF
Stretch Band Graphic, FCS-2493 Teen Cuisine Stretch Band Graphic, FCS-2493PDF