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Pregnant woman exercising

More than Making Muscles

  • Physical activity isn’t just for athletes. It’s for you. It’s for everyone. It’s more than sports and building muscles. In fact, you don’t need special equipment, a health club, or a class. All you need is the will to do it.
  • Not in the mood? Can’t seem to get started? Make physical activity a regular part of your day.
  • Reward yourself for sticking to your physical activity routine. Rent your favorite movie or buy that new piece of clothing you’ve been admiring.
  • Physical activity is for anyone. Age doesn’t matter. You’ll quickly see the difference it can make. Most of all, physical activity is good for your health. So just do it!

Benefits of Regular Physical Activity

  • Weight control. Burn off extra calories. Use physical activity to take off pounds or stay at your desirable weight.
  • Muscle tone. Be a slimmer, trimmer you. Different workouts shape and tone different muscles.
  • Energy. Get more energy with physical activity. It gives you the feeling you can do more.
  • Sleep better. Get rid of tension and relax with physical activity. A relaxed body rests more peacefully.
  • Heart health. Give your heart a workout. Get fit and help lower your risk of heart disease and stroke.

Small Steps, Big Results

  • Walk for better health. It’s a perfect example of physical activity that most people can do. Walking is fun and easy. Best of all, it gets the job done.
  • Brisk walking can give your heart a workout. Good shoes are the only thing you need. Plus, walking is pleasant alone, with a partner, or while listening to music or pushing your baby in a stroller.

Safety First

  • Always remember safety first. Forget about “no pain, no gain.” Pain is a sign that something is wrong. Slow down or stop. Talk with your doctor before starting a physical activity program, especially if you have heart or other health problems.
  • Start slowly and build up. At first, do a little less than you think you can. Later, when you know your limits, do more. Watch the weather. Days that are very hot or icy cold can strain your system. Learn to dress for the weather.

Physical activity is one of the best things you can do for your health. Get out there and start feeling good and looking better. Just do it!

This is part of the Today’s Mom program of Alabama EFNEP.