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Scientists with the Alabama Agricultural Experiment Station (AAES) have developed nutrient recommendations for crops grown in the state. These recommendations are in table form and contain recommendations by crop based on soil test rating (low, medium, high, etc.) for P and K. These tables allow quick recommendations without using the P and K formulas. Soil test reports from the Auburn University Soil Testing Laboratory use formulas (given in tables) to calculate the recommended P and K to the nearest 10 pounds of P2O5 (phosphate) and K2O (potash). Comments that are printed on the soil test report are also given for each crop.

Major sections include:

  • Pastures, Hay Crops, and Field Crops
  • Turfgrass Lawns, Golf Courses, and Roadsides
  • Vegetable Gardens and Commercial Vegetables
  • Shrubs and Ornamentals
  • Fruits, Orchard Crops, and Trees
  • Wildlife Plots

View the Nutrient Recommendation Tables for Alabama Crops on the AAES website.

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