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Maintaining Water Safety and Quality after a Flood

…s recede and damages can be assessed.

After a flood, water sources may be contaminated. Brantley, who specializes in water resources—including drinking water—said water with contaminants should be avoided.

“It is very important …

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Flood Recovery Resources

These resources connect to the needs of families and farms impacted by flooding.  The information is built on the research-based knowledge from the Alabama Cooperative Extension System, the Extension Disaster Education Network, the Federal…

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Contamination in Flood Waters

Dr. Eve Brantley, a water resources specialist with the Alabama Cooperative Extension System and an Auburn University associate professor of crop, soil and environmental sciences, discusses briefly some likely types of contamination that ma…

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Pond Construction and Watershed Management in Recreational Fish Ponds

Pond Construction and Watershed Management is part one of seven in the Management of Recreational Fish Ponds series.

Alabama has about 250,000 small ponds covering more than 134,000 acres. Ponds are usually built for several purposes: ir…

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Aquatic Resources Team: Project Activities & Impacts 2017

… of freshwater fishes and diverse marine fishes and invertebrates, aquatic plants, reptiles, and amphibians. These rich water resources are used for drinking and other household uses, hydroelectric power, irrigation, aquaculture, commercial…

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Water Access Issues in Alabama

All along Alabama’s rivers, lakes, bayous, and bays, towns small and large rely on water access to support their economies. The state, therefore, is taking steps to ensure that there is water access for traditional uses for its future gen…

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Aquatic Resources Programs and People

The Aquatic Resources Program provides science-based Extension programming in the areas of aquaculture, private pond and lake management, coastal resources, commercial and recreational fisheries, aquatic resource conservation, and aquatic r…

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Alabama Natural Resources Council

Approximately 70 percent of Alabama is covered with forests. In addition to providing clean air, water, and recreational opportunities, Alabama forests provide the raw material for a $20 billion dollar forest products indu…

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Alabama Water Watch

…W) is an opportunity for youth to answer questions like these and more. 4-H AWW helps students take care of Alabama’s water resources by providing science-based, hands-on experiences in the classroom and outdoors. The ultimate goal of 4-H…

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Rainwater Harvesting for Irrigation Water

…ion is rising at double the rate of the population, the amount of freshwater remains at only 2.5 percent of the world’s water resources. Rainfall replenishes much of the water we use; however, it is predicted that by 2025, eighteen countrie…

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Freshwater Clams and Mussels

Pond owners have sometimes intentionally and sometimes accidentally introduced freshwater clams or mussels into their recreational ponds. While not all species cause problems, the invasive Asiatic clam, Corbicula, can multiply and filter ou…

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Forestry, Wildlife & Natural Resources Team Impacts 2016

…22 have obtained or initiated a forest management plan
25 have initiated invasive plant control efforts

Water Resources Program
Improving Water Resources through enhancement or restoration of streams includes approaching st…

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Forestry, Wildlife & Natural Resources Team Impacts 2017

…ershed best management practices, increased adoption of watershed best management practices, and improved conditions of water resources as documented by Alabama Water Watch volunteer water monitors.

Collaborators: Alabama Department of E…

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Pecan Production in North Alabama

…ctive option for some dedicated growers in more northern or non-traditional growing regions. North Alabama has abundant water resources, suitable soils, and a proper climate for growing these new cultivars. However, the limiting factor in t…

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Drought and Forests: Information for Landowners

… duration increases long-term (seasons or longer) and conditions worsen. Characteristics of hydrological drought impact water resources. Streams stop flowing and ponds and lakes regress or dry up completely. Indirect impacts include loss of…

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