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Nutritional Management of Beef Replacement Heifers

…cy, success during the first calving season, and establishment of successful rebreeding. After selection at weaning, the nutrition program provides the foundation for growth and advancement of maturity in preparation for the breeding phase….

5 min read

Human Nutrition, Diet, and Health Impact Report 2017

…tension offers educational programs and classes to help Alabamians stay healthy. Our research-based information in human nutrition, diet, and health are building blocks to developing healthy people, strong families, and elevated communities…

3 min read

Dairy Goat and Sheep Nutrition and Forages

…nt containing salt and trace minerals to help meet dietary requirements of goats and sheep on forage-based diets.

The nutritional needs of dairy goats and sheep increase for animals that are growing, in late pregnancy, or lactating. Duri…

5 min read

Eat to Compete: Sports Nutrition for Young Adults—Hydration

… to perform at their best and to reduce the dangerous risks of dehydration during prolonged physical activity.

Proper nutrition is fundamental to fitness and performance. Although many athletes carefully regulate their diet, they may pay…

6 min read

Nutrition for Backyard Chicken Flocks

Raising chickens for eggs or meat requires the right nutrition at the right life stage. Follow these guidelines to maintain the growth, reproductive performance, and health of your backyard flock.


13 min read

Eat to Compete: Sports Nutrition for Young Adults—Protein

…he need to take expensive supplements offered by many companies.


Download a PDF of Eat to Compete: Sports Nutrition for Young Adults—Protein, HE-0748. 

4 min read

Nutrition Facts Labeling Services

The Nutrition Labeling and Education Act (NLEA) states that all food intended for retail sale must have Nutrition facts on the package. Foods that contain insignificant amounts of all the nutrients required in the declaration of Nutrition f…

2 min read

Nutrition Facts Panel Order Form

Following these important steps will ensure the speediness and accuracy of your Nutrition Facts Panel (NFP):

Please include the most accurate measurement of each ingredient as possible. Weighted measurements (grams, ounces by weight, p…

1 min read

Eat to Compete: Sports Nutrition for Young Adults— Carbohydrates

… These practices should ensure adequate carbohydrate intake.


Download a PDF of Eat to Compete: Sports Nutrition for Young Adults— Carbohydrates, HE-0751

6 min read

Flooding Affecting Nutrition and Diets of Livestock

…n addition to the obvious affects, producers must also take into consideration the affects the flooding is having on the nutrition and diets of livestock.

Landon Marks, an Alabama Extension regional agent of animal science and forages, s…

3 min read

Nutrition Guidelines for Livestock During Flooding

Dr. Kim Mullenix, an Alabama Extension animal science specialist, offers the following nutrition guidelines for livestock during flooding.

Energy requirements of animals during a flood event is increased due to an increase in their mai…

1 min read

Nutrition Education on the Move Bus

Mobile Nutrition Demo
The Nutrition Education on the Move Bus is a bus that travels into communities to provide Nutrition classes. The bus is equipped with a fully functional mini kitchen for tastings and food & hand washing demonstrat…

1 min read

CHAMPION: Health, Nutrition, Exercise

…aking better food choices and adopting a physical activity regime for a healthier life.
Lessons increase knowledge in nutrition terminology, food labels, understanding health diagnosis, and health literacy.

What is the goal of CHAMPIO…

2 min read