Emergency Handbook


Emergency Handbook

BE PROACTIVE. The best way to protect your home and family is by preparing ahead of time.


  • Keep your home in good repair.
  • Remove hazards from your yard.
  • Buy appropriate insurance.
  • Learn about Firewise Communities.


  • Learn about natural hazard risks to your community.
  • Create emergency plans.
  • Find multiple evacuation routes.
  • Establish a meeting place away from home.


  • Take a first aid class.
  • Practice evacuating your home.
  • Store emergency contacts in phones and list on paper.
  • Build emergency kits for home, car, and work.


This document is part of a larger publication titled Emergency Handbook: Preparation and Recovery (ACES-2168).

The Emergency Handbook is available digitally as an iBook and on the web. Use the left-hand navigation bar to access all topics and pages. This publication is not available in print. To download or print the pages you need, please look for Printable PDF Download this information.

For more information, contact your county Extension office.