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Poultry Farm

Educating poultry producers and industry professionals on the importance of proper on-farm management, available technology, feed milling practices, and processing techniques is essential for the poultry industry to deliver a safe and wholesome product. The Alabama Cooperative Extension poultry team provides research-based information in the following areas:

  • poultry house technology
  • feed milling improvements
  • disease control
  • flock management
  • processing plant management techniques to reduce foodborne pathogens

The team makes connections among poultry company processing personal and regulatory officials, poultry companies and farmers, and provides resources to small and backyard flock owners.


Poultry Team

Name TitleSpeciality Area(s)
Team Coordinator
Jeremiah DavisAssociate Professor and NPTC DirectorNational Poultry Technology Center (NPTC)
Team Members
Dianna BourassaAssistant Professor and Extension Specialist Poultry Processing and Food Safety
Jesse CampbellExtension Assistant Professor National Poultry Technology Center (NPTC)
Ken MacklinProfessor and Extension SpecialistPoultry Health, Litter Management, Biosecurity, and Food Safety
Wilmer PachecoAssociate Professor and Extension Specialist Feed Milling, Poultry, and Nutrition
Kristin WoodRegional Extension AgentBackyard Poultry


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