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Left to Right: LaTanga Charley, Dr. Majed Dweik, Diane Anthony, Cindy Knowlton, Carmen Flammini, Paola Lopez Canas, Jacob Kelley and Amelia Mitchell.

ALABAMA A&M UNIVERSITY, Ala.—As the newly appointed interim Extension Director, Majed Dweik made his first visit to the Mobile County Extension Office. Mobile is one of nine Urban Centers of the Alabama Cooperative Extension System at Alabama A&M University (AAMU) that Dweik plans to visit.

Purpose of Visit

Alabama Extension programs are first developed by program specialists based on current research and the needs of Alabama citizens. These programs are then implemented at the local level by urban regional Extension agents. Dweik’s visit to Mobile was to see firsthand how Urban Extension offices work with AAMU to provide research-based educational opportunities to Alabama citizens.

The county office staff was honored to host Dweik and showcase the programs available in the Mobile Urban Center. Urban Extension agents provided an overview of programs, such as Alabama 4-H STREAM, Career Countdown and Walking Like a Champion designed to improve healthy eating habits, encourage physical activity and improve health literacy. 

Fulfilling the Land-Grant Mission

Land-grant universities like AAMU have a three-fold mission: to teach, to conduct research and to provide outreach services through Cooperative Extension systems across the nation.

“One of AAMU’s future goals is to better align AAMU research and Extension,” said Dweik, who also serves as the University’s vice president of research and economic development.

During his visit, Dweik also talked about the importance of telling the Extension story, building stronger collaborations and expanding resources.

More Information

Visit www.aces.edu/urban to explore other Alabama Extension learning opportunities.

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