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Help Through Being Responsible

The National Institute of Drug Abuse reports that approximately 54 million people have used medication for nonmedical purposes in their lifetime. Many of these drugs are obtained from medical cabinets in the homes of friends and relatives.

“Be apart of the solution, not the problem!”Apply Greendocvick’s (2009) Green Strategies

Responsible Prescribing

  • Prescribe what is needed in small quantities
  • Provide education on proper disposal practices
  • Prescribe beginner or starter packs of medicine
  • Be familiar with drug ecotoxicities

Responsible Disposal

  • Store medicine away from children and pets
  • Don’t flush or throw medicine away
  • Utilize the National Drug Take Back Program
  • Utilize local pharmacy Take Away Programs

Responsible Consumption

  • Don’t share or sell medicine
  • Use medicine as directed by your physician
  • Purchase medicine in smaller quantities
  • Lock your medicine in a secure cabinet

For additional disposal methods visit the following:

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