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The county 4-H Youth Council provides youth expanded citizenship and leadership opportunities and serves as the youth voice and advisory to the county 4-H team. Counties have latitude regarding the make-up of the 4-H Youth Council with the objective of reaching a point where the council is a literal cross-section of the respective county’s 4-H age and youth demographic. The county 4-H Youth Council should meet at least six times a year.

Responsibilities of the 4-H Youth Council

  • Serve as a local 4-H ambassador.
  • Empower other young people to actively get involve in Alabama 4-H.
  • Participate in local county 4-H events by taking on leadership opportunities such as leading the 4-H Pledge.
  • Promote local 4-H programs and events.
  • Assist the 4-H county team by telling your 4-H story to local 4-H clubs and civic organizations.
  • Enhance citizenship and leadership skills by attending and participating in the 4-H Youth Leadership Conference, 4-H Midwinter Retreat, State 4-H Ambassadors, and other leadership and citizenship events.
  • Help report the successes of the 4-H program to the community.
  • Provide advice to the county 4-H team to create the annual county 4-H plan-of-work.

Click here to view the County Youth Council, Where to Start guide.

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