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2024 Achievement Awards


Applications Deadline: Monday, May 28, 2024

Date of Interview: Friday, June 21, 2024

A 4-H Ambassador holding the state flag of Alabama.This program identifies outstanding Alabama 4-H members who have excelled in one of the nine achievement areas of Alabama 4-H:

  • Animal Project—Production, Large Animal (beef, dairy, swine)
  • Animal Project—Production, Small Animal (sheep, goats, poultry, meat rabbits)
  • Animal Project—Companion Animal (dog, rabbit, cat)
  • Equine Science
  • Communications (public speaking, judging teams, photography)
  • Foods and Nutrition/Family and Consumer Science
  • Leadership/Citizenship
  • Natural Resources (environmental science, SAFE, wildlife, forestry, plants and soils)
  • At Large Achievement

Participants’ applications must be received by May 28, 2024, and of sufficient quality to merit an invitation to the achievement interviews. Applications will be judged by a screening committee of Extension professionals, 4-H volunteers, and industry representatives. Senior Level I and Senior Level II participants who are granted an interview will be contacted no later than June 7, 2024.

Senior Level I participants must be 14 or 15 years old on January 1, 2024. Winners will receive a trip to Southern Region Teen Leadership Conference (or another trip related to that project) and an Alabama state trophy.

Senior Level II participants must be 16 to 18 years old on January 1, 2024. Winners will receive a trip to National 4-H Congress (or another trip related to that project) and an Alabama state trophy.

Those submitting applications are required to be interviewed, if an invitation is extended to them. Interviews will be held June 21, 2024, at the Alabama 4-H Center. Awards will be presented during Competitive Event Day on Friday, June 21, 2024.


A 4-H member standing with her horse in a stable.If a 4-H member was selected as a 4-H Achievement Winner in previous years and remains in the same age group (Senior Level I or Senior Level II), he or she cannot submit an application in the area that he or she won. The 4-H member may enter another area. This application must be significantly different from the previous application. If a 4-H member has moved from Senior Level I to Senior Level II, he or she may enter the same area with additional documentation and revisions to the application.

Senior Achievement Application Requirements

  • Applicants must be at least 14 years old by January 1 of the starting term year.
  • The 2024 Senior Achievement application must be received in its entirety by May 28, 2024, through 4HOnline. The following pieces are part of that application process:
    • 4HOnline Application
    • 4-H Story
    • 4-H Achievement Resumé
    • Creative Documentation
    • Three Letters of Reference

My 4-H Story Guidelines

(Submitted through 4HOnline)

Written Format: Use 12-point Arial or Times New Roman and 1-inch margins. The maximum story length is 2,000 words. Check your spelling and grammar.

  • Part I—Introduction: Introduce yourself. Include your age, interests, and when and why you joined 4-H.
  • Part II—4-H Project Achievement: A good 4-H story talks about triumphs and setbacks, the challenges, opportunities, and obstacles you experienced with your 4-H project and how you overcame them. The focus should not be on prizes that you have won, but on how your work has affected you as a person.
  • Part III—Leadership Achievement: Your 4-H story should give evidence of leadership, growth in the project and in 4-H, degree of involvement, cooperation, honesty, responsibility, and good judgment. Describe how 4-H helped you become a leader. Describe how you have helped others become leaders.
  • Part IV—Service Achievement: Your 4-H story should give evidence of helping others in the community and what 4-H has taught you about the importance of serving others.
  • Part V—Mastery Achievement: Your 4-H story should highlight the positive impact your 4-H project had on your knowledge, skills, and views.

My 4-H Achievement Resumé

(Submitted through 4HOnline)

Having a resume prepared is important for college, scholarships, and job applications. Starting with the most current year and going back to the beginning of your 4-H career, build your resume by listing the activity and corresponding dates to indicate your 4-H work. The resume must include the headers found below. Once your resume is complete, save it as a PDF and upload into 4HOnline.

  • 4-H Project Achievement & Awards (Any accomplishments or activities in your 4-H Project area. For example, animal science, natural resources, or foods and nutrition)
  • 4-H Leadership & Educational Accomplishments (Offices, Committees, Youth Council, 4-H Workshop Presentations, etc)
  • 4-H Service Accomplishments and Activities (community service opportunities)
  • Non 4-H Leadership Accomplishments, Activities, and Awards

Creative Documentation

Each applicant must provide additional creative documentation related to his or her project area. Three options are available. You may choose one:

  1. Two pages with a 1-inch, left margin. This is two pages, not the front and back of two pieces of paper. These pages may include photos, captions, news articles, or collages and should represent your entire tenure with 4-H project work. Choose a few from your younger years and a few that are recent. The photos must relate directly to the project area that you are applying to receive recognition. The judge should be able to see all displays clearly.
  2. Trim photos when appropriate. Short captions should describe the photos or news articles. Display in color neatly with labels and relate to your 4-H work. The purpose of this documentation is to show your growth and accomplishments through your 4-H project. This is not a scrapbooking event.
  3. A 3-minute video recording. The video must be uploaded to Box. The Box link will be provided in 4HOnline.
  4. A 3-minute, self-playing Microsoft PowerPoint presentation. The PowerPoint must be uploaded to Box. The Box link will be provided in 4HOnline.

Three Letters of Reference

(Submitted through 4HOnline)

Good letters of reference support your achievements, skills, and service within the project area. They cannot be from family members. One of the letters must be from the 4-H regional Extension agent, county Extension coordinator, county Extension agent, or 4-H agent assistant who signed your application.

Scoring of Alabama 4-H Achievement Applications

  • Alabama 4-H Application and Portfolio will be scored 300 points.
  • Applications must score 225 points to receive an invitation for an interview.

The scoring sheet for the Alabama 4-H Achievement Applications.

4-H Animal Science Record: Youth entering animal project need to complete the animal science record information.

Alabama 4-H Achievement Interviews will be scored 100 points. The Senior Achievement application and portfolio score will be added to your interview score, which makes a possible total score of 400.

Judges for the interview process will be provided the application package along with your application score sheet. The interview process will take about 30 minutes per person, but will include a 5-minute presentation by the 4-H member. The other 25 minutes will be provided for judges to review the application, ask questions, and discuss the interviews with the other judges.

Tie-breaker: There will be no ties in the application scoring or the interviews. However, ties will be possible when the total scores are added. The tie-breaking committee will be made up of Molly Gregg, associate director; Joy Scott, leadership and citizenship specialist; and a 4-H Ambassador who is not an applicant in the achievement area concerned.


Questions concerning the Alabama 4-H Achievement Awards Program must be submitted in writing by May 28 to Joy Scott.

Visit www.alabama4h.com for more information.


Joy Scott, Extension Specialist, 4-H and Youth Development, Auburn University; Amy Burgess, County Extension Coordinator; and Kimberly Good, 4-H Foundation Regional Extension Agent, Auburn University

Revised April 2024, Achievement Awards, 4HYD-2138

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