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National 4-H Conference is the premier professional and leadership development event for 4-H members ages 16-18 who are actively engaged in 4-H programs. The conference is held in Washington, D.C. The purpose of the conference is to provide an opportunity for 4-H members to:

  • engage in personal development experiences to increase knowledge, resources, and skills
  • discuss topics affecting youth and 4-H programming nationwide
  • create positive social change in their communities in a meaningful way

What is National 4-H Conference?

At the invitation of the Secretary of Agriculture, this event is the USDA’s premier youth development opportunity to engage young people from across America in developing recommendations for the National 4-H Youth Development Program. Delegates at this working conference will create a product that will help guide the future of the National 4-H Youth Development Program. Delegates are also ambassadors for the Alabama Cooperative Extension System and Alabama 4-H, representing Alabama 4-H interests with United States Senators and Representatives on Capitol Hill Day. The conference brings together youth, volunteer leaders, and Extension staff from across the United States and its territories as well as the Canadian provinces. For more information, visit the conference website at http://4hconf.4-h.org.

2020 Alabama Application Requirements

Applicants must be Senior Level II (ages 16–18) members. Complete application must be submitted through 4HOnline and received by Monday, December 9, 2019. Applications must include the following:

  • 4HOnline application
  • My 4-H Story (Choose one of two format options. See guidelines below.)
  • 4-H resume
  • Two letters of reference, including one from an Extension staff member

My 4-H Story Format Guidelines

  • Written Format: Use Arial or Times New Roman, 12-point font, and one-inch margins. Your story may not exceed 2,000 words. Check spelling and grammar. Save as in PDF format as My 4-H Story, and upload into 4HOnline.
  • Digital Format: Submit My 4-H Story in video format not to exceed five minutes. It must be on a DVD that will play on a standard computer. Mail your My 4-H Story DVD Joy Scott, 211 Duncan Hall–ACES, Auburn University, AL 36849. The DVD must be postmarked by Monday, December 9, 2019. No exceptions!

My 4-H Story Content Guidelines

Answer the following questions in your story:

  1. Why do you want to attend the National 4-H Conference?
  2. What will you do with what you will learn from attending?
  3. With whom will you share your experience?

Part I, Introduction: Introduce yourself. Include your interests. Explain why you joined 4-H and talk about your 4-H Club experience.

Part II, Leadership Achievement: Show evidence of your leadership, growth in your 4-H project, and degree of involvement, cooperation, honesty, responsibility, and good judgment. Describe how 4-H helped you become a leader.

Part III, Service and Citizenship Achievement: Give evidence of how you help others in the community.

Part IV, 4-H Project Achievement: A good 4-H story talks about your triumphs and setbacks, challenges and opportunities, and obstacles you experienced and how you overcame them. Don’t focus on prizes you have won, but on how your work has affected you as a person.

My 4-H Resume Guidelines

Having a resume prepared is important for college, scholarships, and job applications. Starting with the most current year and going back to the beginning of your 4-H career, build your resume by listing activities and corresponding dates to indicate your 4-H work. Your resume must include the headers found below. When your resume is complete, save it as a PDF and upload into 4HOnline.

  • 4-H Project Achievements and Awards. Accomplishments or activities in your 4-H project area (animal science, natural resources, etc.)
  • 4-H Leadership and Educational Accomplishments. Offices, committees, 4-H workshop presentations, etc.
  • 4-H Service Accomplishments and Activities. Community service opportunities.
  • Non–4-H Leadership Accomplishments, Activities, and Awards

Guidelines for Letters of Reference

Two letters of reference are required. A good letter of reference supports your achievements, skills, and service in 4-H. Save this document as a PDF and upload into 4HOnline. One of your letters of reference should be from an Extension staff member (4-H FREA, CEC, CEA, or 4-HAA). Letters should not be from family members.

Download a PDF of the 2020 4HYD-2266 National Conference Fact Sheet.

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