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Good bugs help us by preying on insect pests in the environment. Some have an important role in pollinating our fruit and vegetable crops. Other critters decompose plant material into organic matter that improves our soil.

Southeastern Blueberry Bee

Habropoda laboriosa

A native, solitary ground-nesting bee that emerges each spring to pollinate blueberries.

Braconid Wasp

Cotesia congregatus

Female wasps lay eggs under hornworm skin. Larvae eat their way out of the caterpillar to spin their cocoons on its back.


Lumbricus terrestris

These small critters help decompose plant material into nutritious soil compost.


Argiope aurantia

Spiders are skilled predators. They use webs to trap their victims or track them on the ground and on plants.

Dung Beetle

Aphodius sp

Dung beetles positively contribute to ecosystems by removing waste, reducing pest fly populations.

Lucy EdwardsRegional Extension Agent, with Auburn University

New September 2021, Good Bugs, ANR-2819

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