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What is Master Gardener?

The Alabama Extension Master Gardener Volunteer Program is an educational volunteer-recruitment program offered through the Alabama Cooperative Extension System. Volunteers work with Extension to bring the latest horticultural information to their communities.

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How Does Master Gardener Work?

This program represents an effective partnership between the land grant universities of this state, Alabama Extension agents, and motivated volunteers. Master Gardener volunteers offer their community reliable, relevant, and reachable gardening information and education opportunities.

Reliable: Our gardening advice and programs are science-based.
Relevant: Our information is timely.
Reachable: Call us for answers at (877)252-4769.

What Does Master Gardener Require?

Participants are required to report 50 hours of volunteer service. (That’s fewer than seven workdays at a full-time job.) Projects range from answering Helpline calls and assisting Extension agent workshops to ongoing community projects.

What is Master Gardener Training?

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Classes in the training program include home lawns, trees, shrubs, annual and perennial flowers and vegetable gardening. Courses are taught by Extension specialists and agents, local specialists, and certified Master Gardeners.

Where is Master Gardener Training Offered?

Participants are welcome to join classes in any of the hosting counties regardless of residence. A registration fee and background check are required upon acceptance to the program.

The program application form is the first step in the registration process. After completing the program application, individuals will receive an email link from store@aces.edu , taking them to step 2, the payment form.

Submitting the program application form does not guarantee acceptance to the Alabama Extension Master Gardeners volunteer program. Paying the registration fee for this program is what guarantees an individual’s place in the training classes.

The deadline to register for the spring training series is January 17, 2021. The spring intern training will start on February 2 with an orientation, followed by training classes February 4 through April 29.


Alabama Extension Master Gardeners Program Application Form

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