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Soil in child's hands - dirty and dry

Agriculture is full of exciting and rewarding opportunities. Farming is a tough job, but at the heart of it all, you’ll see a vibrant community contributing to the future of our nation’s health and food security. The New Farmers Discovery Tool is part of the USDA’s effort to help new farmers in the industry. The USDA’s New Farmers website is a place you can find it all. This website has been helping farmers since 2004. It can easily personalize your search. This webpage benefits

  • New farmers. Access the support and resources you need to begin farming or use the easy Discovery Tool.
  • Women in Agriculture. Opportunities for women to grow, learn from one another, and lead within their industries.
  • Youth. Discover new innovation at work in agriculture, support agriculture in your school, and get connected.
  • Veterans. Are you a veteran looking to start farming? Find support and resources that were made just for you.

Find the resources you need to get started or personalize your search with the USDA Discovery Tool or visit the USDA’s New Farmers website.

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