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Farming Basics Online Course

More people than ever want to give farming a try.  In the past, people turned to farming family members for help.  Today, most people are generations removed from farming.

To help budding farmers get started, Alabama Extension offers a free online course, Farming Basics. The course covers farm management and marketing, pesticide safety, food safety, basic crop production and pest management. Those considering farming but have little to no experience will reap rewards by completing the course. It is also a valuable tool for experienced farm owners as well.

Farming Basics Features Broad Content

Farming Basics’ five chapters feature video presentations and additional resources which enhance the course’s content depth. In addition, a short quiz at the end of each chapter offers participants the opportunity to review and reinforce content concepts. The course takes about two hours to complete. Upon completion, participants receive a certificate.

Find the course at https://aces.catalog.auburn.edu/.

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