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The Alabama Beginning Farmers Project is funded by grants from the USDA Beginning Farmers and Ranchers Development Program (Awards 2015-04598 & 2018-02936). The overall project implementation plan involves collaboration with a wide range of institutions, producer groups, and nonprofit organizations for supporting beginning farmers statewide. In collaboration with Alabama Cooperative Extension System, Crotovina, Farmscape Solutions, and The United Christian Community Association, the BFRD Program provides science-based information and consultation to beginning farmers, develops new educational resources, and sustains a statewide network of producers to strengthen the local food movement that is inclusive of low-resource farmers and military veterans.

Project objectives:

  • Provide science-based information and consultation to beginning farmers.
  • Support and collaborate with third-party educational programs.
  • Develop new educational resources (e-curriculum, phone app, printed materials).
  • Sustain a statewide network of producers to strengthen the local food movement that is inclusive of low resource farmers and military veterans.

More Information

For more information, visit alabamabeginningfarmer.com.

Program Coordinator: Ayanava Majumdar

Commercial Horticulture Regional Extension Agents, Extension Coordinators, and Specialists

Technical Assistance Providers: Jayme Oates, Karen Wynne, Lee McBride, Andrew Williams

Funding Agency : USDA Beginning Farmer and Rancher Development Program (Phase 1 & 2 Grants) www.nifa.usda.gov/programs

Project Training Events

The Beginning Farmer program offers special training events for all farmers. Look for information on Farmer 101 and 201 in the ACES calendar.

Monthly webinar presentations are available live at 9 A.M. Topics include greenhouse production, insect pest alerts and management, disease diagnosis and more. The calendar for these webinars is shown below. Click here to watch live on these dates.

Commercial Horticulture Team Webinar Presentations

January 28Diagnostic facilities at new AU Gulf Shores, Mushroom ProductionMarla Faver, Sam Boring
February 25Chill hour/peach production updates, Economic outlook of the green industry,Strawberry production updatesEdgar Vinson, Gary Gray, Kevin Burkett, Mike Reeves
March 25Summer fertility for turfgrasses, BMPs for fruit crops Dave Han, Elina Coneva
April 29Overview of organic insecticide premixes & tank-mixes Ayanava Majumdar
May 20Marketing of Fruits and Vegetables, Under-Utilized Specialty Crops, Southern Cover Crop Conference Update, Getting Started in Farming, Trap Crop Update for Tomato and Squash Insect PestsKevin Burkett, Doug Chapman, Audrey Gamble, Audrey Gamble, Chip East, Ayanava Majumdar
June 24BMPs for nursery irrigation, Overview of chemical insecticides/insect activity report, Post Harvest HandlingAdam Newby, Ayanava Majumdar, Joe Kemble
July 29Olive production, Insect pest activity report -1, Diagnostic Lab UpdatesJames Miles, Ayanava Majumdar, Kassie Conner
August 26Fall maintenance tips for turfgrass, Insect pest management strategies for hempDave Han, Katelyn Kesheimer
September 30Diseases of Hemp, Effects of selected pre-emergent herbicides on strawberry plant growth and fruit: An update. Kassie Conner, Edgar Vinson
October 28TBATBA
November 18Planning for a good citrus crop, Commercial Horticulture Extension Resource UpdateNeil Kelly, Ayanava Majumdar


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