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A conflict is a disagreement between two or more people who perceive a threat. Differences are natural occurrences in any relationship. As individuals, we have different thoughts, opinions, and preferences. Everyone will not view a situation from the same lens. Therefore, a conflict may arise.

Although all conflicts aren’t major, they can bring about division and cause harsh feelings. It is not inevitable that conflicts or disputes will tear a relationship apart. However, individual responses can result in poor handling of a conflict that create additional tension and strain.

Handling Family Conflicts

When handled properly, a disagreement can make a relationship stronger. Appropriate ways of resolving or managing differences that arise include:

  1. Avoid erecting walls between you and the other person by being defensive or offensive.
  2. Approach an issue(s) with the intent to find a solution that offers a win-win for everyone.
  3. Refrain from harping on past issues that prevent discussions on the matter at hand. Learning to let go can help to move a relationship forward.

This video shares tips to help families understand conflict, as well as appropriate strategies for responding to conflicts in relationships.

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  • Managing Family Conflicts
  • Conflicts are natural to family relationships.
  • When handled correctly, conflicts strengthen relationships.
  • Here are some appropriate ways to manage conflict.
  • Avoid name-calling, being confrontational, and blaming.
  • Focus on resolving the conflict, not on winning.
  • Negotiate to determine the best solution for everyone.
  • Remember, conflict is not bad. It’s how you handle it!
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