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The goal of the Alabama 4-H Healthy Living programming is to provide developmentally appropriate learning opportunities that promote optimal physical, social, and emotional well-being for youth and their families. By encouraging the development of health and well-being skills, Alabama 4-H is preparing youth to be ready for work and life.

4-H Healthy Living

Healthy living is embedded in almost everything we do and crosses all content disciplines. Outdoor programming encourages the development of life long pursuits that encourage people to engage in the natural world, get outside, and develop hobbies that support emotional and mental health for a lifetime.

Financial health, the ability to manage personal and family income, prepare for retirement, and distinguish between wants and needs, impact personal health and security which influences emotional and physical wellbeing.

Food Systems health is one of the greatest learning outcomes of all animal programming.

The health and well-being skills developed through Alabama 4-H also impact the college and career readiness of young people. Youth are allowed to explore career paths and opportunities to discover interests and passions. Adults that love their work are better family and community members.

Explore all 4-H Healthy Living program areas to find a project that interests you!

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