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Woman with diabetes rubbing her foot

A diagram of the negative effects of diabetes on the body.Type 2 diabetes can have serious negative effects on the body.

The majority of diabetes complications result from elevated blood sugar levels. The key treatment is to monitor and manage blood sugar levels to minimize these complications.

  • Eye complications (retinopathy and blindness)
  • Brain (stroke)
  • Tooth care (periodontal disease)
  • Heart (high blood pressure and heart attack)
  • Kidney complications (nephropathy and loss of kidney function)
  • Nervous system neuropathy (loss of sensitivity and feeling)
  • Skin (slow healing wound care)
  • Diabetic foot care (amputations )
  • Smoking (decreases the effectiveness of insulin)


Sheree Taylor, Regional Extension Agent, Human Nutrition, Diet, and Health, Auburn University

New March 2022, Type 2 Diabetes Complications, FCS-2561

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