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Latino family with young children sits outside in the park.

Resource for youth & mothers of young children. Participants learn how to prepare healthy snacks & meals and tips to stay active as a family. Urban  EFNEP (Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program) is geared towards limited-resource Hispanic mothers with children under five, teaching them how to consume healthy foods on a limited budget and encouraging daily physical activity for the whole family.

What is Urban EFNEP?

  • EFNEP is the acronym for Expanded Food & Nutrition Education Program.
  • Urban EFNEP is an education program for youth ages 6-14 and mothers with children under the age of five.
  • Classes are offered in English & Spanish. The lessons are filled with hands-on activities with real-world examples offering a fun and engaging way to learn about nutrition.

What are the goals of Urban EFNEP?

  • Help families stretch their food dollars
  • Encourage people to eat more fruits and vegetables
  • Encourage families to incorporate daily physical activities into their lifestyles while having fun
  • Describe how to prepare, serve, and store food safely
  • Promote good health and fitness through nutrition and wellness

Urban EFNEP participants will learn:

  • Basic nutrition and how to plan healthier meals and snacks to encourage healthy eating habits
  • How to make wise food choices
  • How to prepare healthy meals for babies, young children, and youth
  • How to apply food safety skills when purchasing, preparing, cooking, and storing foods
  • Smart shopping techniques
  • How to make healthy snacks and recipes through hands-on cooking demonstrations

Content below reflects the text in the graphics of the video:

  1. Urban EFNEP offers nutrition classes in English and Spanish. Tips for healthy snacks, meals, and staying active as a family.
  2. Urban EFNEP’s Nutrition on the Move bus travels into communities for classes and food demonstrations in English and Spanish.

Nutrition Education on the Move Bus

  • The Nutrition Education on the Move bus travels into communities to provide nutrition classes.
  • The bus is equipped with a fully functional mini kitchen for food & handwashing demonstrations.
  • Participant seating and a presentation area make the unit ideal for class instruction and exhibits at schools, health fairs, and other community events.

Contact Us

Alabama Extension serves all 67 Alabama counties. If your county isn’t listed below, contact the nearest county on the list or the program Specialist in the State Office.

State Office – Health and Nutrition Specialist, Urban EFNEP Program Manager, Andrea Morris
Office: (256) 372-8082 Email: morrian@aces.edu

Marshall County Extension Office – Urban EFNEP Program Coordinator, Alicia Heathington
Office: (256) 293-2537 Email: amh0265@aces.edu


Urban Centers - Urban EFNEP

CityOfficeEducatorPhone NumberEmail
DecaturLimestone County Extension

Carolina Hurtado

(256) 232-5510


HuntsvilleFamily Life Center

Susana Rodriguez

(256) 536-4779


GuntersvilleMarshall County ExtensionAlicia Heathington(256) 582-2009amh0265@aces.edu


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Thank you, USDA NIFA. Urban EFNEP is funded by United States Department of Agriculture’s National Institute of Food and Agriculture (USDA NIFA). USDA is an equal opportunity provider and employer.
Read the USDA Nondiscrimination Statement here.


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