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Latino mother prepares a healthy meal with her two young children

Urban EFNEP (Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program) is geared towards limited-resource Hispanic mothers with children under five, teaching them how to consume healthy foods on a limited budget and encouraging daily physical activity for the whole family.

Making a Difference in our Communities

Urban EFNEP offers:

  • Interactive classes in Spanish for mothers of children under age 5 and youth ages 6-14
  • Use of a mobile nutrition education bus for on-site training
  • Opportunity to live healthier

Urban EFNEP focuses on:

  • Basic nutrition
  • Preparing healthy meals for babies, young children, and youth.
  • Promoting healthy eating habits
  • Food safety skills
  • Healthy food preparation tips
  • Smart shopping techniques
  • Hands-on demonstrations for healthy snacks and recipes
  • Encouraging families to incorporate daily physical activities into their lifestyles

Participants will learn how to:

  • Make wise food choices
  • Apply food safety skills when purchasing, preparing, cooking, and storing foods
  • Purchase safe foods
  • Promote good health and fitness through nutrition and wellness


  • Help families stretch their food dollars
  • Encourage individuals to eat more fruits and vegetables
  • Plan healthier meals and snacks
  • Engage families in more physical activities while having fun

Fresh produce

Contact Us

State Office

Alabama A&M University

Dr. Andrea Morris
Office: (256) 372-8082
Email: morrian@aces.edu

Terence Martin
Office: (256) 372-4973
E-mail: tzm0018@aces.edu

Urban Centers

Limestone County

Carolina Hurtado
Office: (256) 372-4424
E-mail: cch0018@aces.edu

Madison County

Susana Rodriguez
Office: (256) 372-4972
E-mail: szr0008@aces.edu

Marshall County

Carmen Martinez
Office: (256) 582-2009
E-mail: clm0020@aces.edu

Morgan County

Carolina Hurtado
Office: (256) 372-4424
E-mail: cch0018@aces.edu


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