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The Alabama Extension ForestHER workshop series was created with women landowners in mind. These workshops are an opportunity for women landowners to learn about forest management topics that are important to them in a relaxed, fun setting. This year there are a variety of workshop dates and topics. 

How it Works

ForestHER Basics workshops are two days. Participants learn how to read maps and deeds, identify and measure forest trees, and manage their timber and non-timber forest products. These workshops are hands-on with demonstrations, field tours, and opportunities to practice new skills.
There are also other ForestHER opportunities offered including introductory lunch and learn workshops and one-day workshops on topics such as thinning, writing a management plan, wildlife management, and prescribed fire.

Who should attend?

While this program is designed especially for women who love the land and learning about the natural world, everyone is welcome. You do not have to own a lot of land to participate. If you have just a few acres, this workshop is for you, too.

2024 Webinars & Workshops

The ForestHER webinars and workshops are for any woman that owns forestland or is just interested in learning more about wildlife management in a relaxed, fun environment. The 2024 webinars and workshops are currently being scheduled.

ForestHER Podcast Series

Want to know the latest and great information from the world of forestland management? Check out the ForestHER Podcast Series!

More Information

For more information, contact Becky Barlow at (334) 844-1019 or by email at becky.barlow@auburn.edu. Other informational resources include the following: