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The ForestHER Podcast Series is for everyone interested in the natural world. ForestHER workshops started in 2016 and focused primarily on getting forestland management information to women landowners. Through this podcast series, these professionals hope to inform and inspire all landowners so they can make educated decisions when managing their forests.


ForestHER Podcast Episodes

IntroductionWelcome to the ForestHER PodcastBecky Barlow discusses the inspiration behind this podcast series and gives listeners a look into what they can expect in future episodes.PDF
Season 1, Episode 1.Making More Than SawdustIt can be difficult for family forest landowners to sell small quantities of timber. Timber that, if sold, can be financially significant to them. In this episode, Adam Maggard, Extension Specialist with the Alabama Cooperative Extension System will explain how portable sawmills may be part of the solution. Portable sawmills can be pulled behind a pickup truck or SUV and moved from location to location to cut downed timber into boards. Boards that can then be dried and used for specialty products like cabinets or furniture, or in some cases the construction of barns or sheds. PDF
Season 1, Episode 2.I just want it to be healthyAlabama has an estimated 23 million acres of timberland. This is land that is growing or has the potential to grow trees that can be marketed, sold and made into lumber or other wood-based products. Eighty-seven percent of timberland acres in Alabama are privately owned by non-industrial private landowners, many of whom are considered “Family forest landowners”. These may be individuals, couples, families, estates or trusts who are responsible for forestland decision-making on their property. For some, managing a family forest can be an overwhelming task especially if they feel like they lack the knowledge and training to make informed choices. It can make a family forest landowner want to give up and do nothing– which exactly what they should NOT do! In this episode we visit with a landowner who shares her experiences as she navigates the ins and outs of managing a small woodlot with her family.PDF
Season 1, Episode 3.Forest CraftsMost people do not think of managing a forest to produce leaves, cones, mosses, and/or vines for a profit. But the responsible management and harvest of these “non-timber forest products” contributes substantially to U.S. floral industry. These can also be collected on a small-scale for personal use to decorate your home, or for fun crafts that can be used to introduce children to nature. In this episode we learn how to make three crafts using natural found objects – pinecone bird feeders, twig bundles, and vine pumpkins. Supplies needed and pictures of completed projects follow.PDFPinecone Bird Feeder

Twig Bundles

Vine Pumpkins


These podcasts are hosted by Becky Barlow, an Alabama Cooperative Extension System forestry specialist and Harry Murphy endowed professor in the Auburn University School of Forestry and Wildlife Sciences. 

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