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Alfalfa mixture grown for hay.

Alfalfa is returning to the Southeastern agriculture scene. Once a dominant forage, producers saw an elimination of many productive stands because of several factors, including insects and a harsh growing environment.

Researchers, working with improved varieties, incorporated these varieties into mixtures with bermudagrass. Now, these mixtures allow producers to grow alfalfa for both hay and pasture operations. Growing alfalfa requires more attention to soil fertility compared to traditional southern forages.

The Alfalfa in the South online series will help producers learn how to integrate alfalfa into their operations and to manage it successfully.

The online series, part of a continuing partnership between Alabama Extension at Auburn University, the University of Georgia, and the University of Florida, will include video presentations as well as an interactive roundtable conducted by Zoom.

Video Presentations


For more information, contact Liliane Silva at lzs0105@auburn.edu.

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