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Amber and Zac Lunch Box are preparing for another school year with delicious and safe lunches. Zac likes ham and cheese sandwiches with chips and an apple for dessert. Amber likes turkey sandwiches with carrots. Amber and Zac want to keep their lunches safe. What should be done to ensure that their food stays tasty, healthy, and bacteria free?

  • Keep lunch boxes clean.
  • Clean lunch boxes before and after using it.
  • Use clean food containers every day.
  • Keep freezer packs clean.
  • Separate the food.
  • Package fresh fruits and vegetables in separate containers.
  • Package meats in separate containers.
  • Throw away uneaten food to prevent possible bacteria growth.
  • Discard all used food packages and paper bags to prevent cross-contamination.
  • Choose a clean frozen ice pack to keep foods cold.
  • Use insulated containers to keep hot foods hot.
  • Research and check labels before purchasing or using new food containers. Insulated products must maintain food at 140 degrees F or above.
  • Do not place the lunch box in the microwave to warm or cook food.


Peer Review markApril Susan Hill, Regional Extension Agent, Food Safety and Quality, Auburn University

New May 2024, Amber & Zac: Lunch Box Food Safety, FCS-2786

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