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A mother and father stand in a kitchen with their two young children.

The Alabama Cooperative Extension System is dedicated to supporting families and individuals that have access to limited resources by expanding their knowledge and skills in how to improve and manage their financial health. Many parents struggle financially because they do not know how to improve the financial health of their family. The Parent-Child Financial Literacy in Progress Program—better known as PC-FLIPP—is here to provide the information and tools needed to improve your financial well-being. The program wants to help you build a foundation that will help you feel secure in managing your finances.

What is PC-FLIPP?

  • PC-FLIPP is the acronym for Parent-Child Financial Literacy In Progress Program.
  • PC-FLIPP is a program that is funded through the Children, Youth, and Families at Risk program through the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).*
  • The program helps parents build financial literacy skills as their children develop money management skills.
  • PC-FLIPP provides tools and resources that can be used to help parents take charge of their finances.

Who is PC-FLIPP for?

  • PC-FLIPP was developed to support parents with limited resources.
  • Unbanked parents can benefit from the tools and resources provided to help transition from unbanked to fully banked.
  • PC-FLIPP provides children ages 5 to 9 with an early start toward a healthy financial future.

How much does PC-FLIPP cost?

  • PC-FLIPP is absolutely free to parents with limited resources, and classes are offered throughout the calendar year.

Contact Us

State Office: Alabama A&M University

Dorothy BrandonConsumer Science and Personal Financial Management Specialist

Terence MartinFamily Life Center Director


PC-FLIPP information is being piloted in the following locations:

Madison County

  • Calvary Hill Community Center
    • 2900 Fairbanks Street NW, Huntsville, AL 35816
  • Triana CPCA Family Life Center
    • 263 Stone St., Triana, AL 35756

Greene County

  • Robert H. Young Community Center
    • 720 Greensboro St., Eutaw, AL 35462


*This work is supported by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA) Children, Youth, and Family At Risk (CYFAR) #2023-41520-40377.

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