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Start by creating a job search plan that includes identifying the position and work requirements that interest you. Most companies post job opportunities on their websites. Job search sites such as Careeronestop.org, Indeed, Zip Recruiter, and Career Builder can help broaden your search. Exercise caution when providing personal information on unfamiliar sites.

Don’t limit yourself to online applications only. Use your current network to find opportunities. Think twice before turning down a part-time or temporary position. These can turn into permanent full-time jobs when the employer is convinced of your value to the organization.

Update Your Resume

A resume is your personal marketing tool and is designed to sell an employer on the idea of offering you an interview. Therefore, it is critical to tailor your resume to each job posting. Be sure to create an inventory of your skills, accomplishments, and experiences. Consider which resume format option—skill based, chronological, or a combination—works best for the position. Remember when you apply online, your standard resume needs to be converted to an electronic format. Draft a cover letter to complement your resume. The letter should show how you can help your prospective employer succeed.

Provide References

Ask those who can speak best about your work ethic, such as former employers, coworkers, teachers, and professors. Provide address, phone number, and email for each reference.

Prepare for the Interview

The job interview is your chance to convince the employer that you are the person for the job. Therefore, you want to make a good impression. Questions and answers are central to the job interview process. Before the interview, practice answering questions that could be asked. Preparing adequately makes it easier to respond well in an actual interview. Know how your skills and experience align with what the employer is looking for.

During the Interview

Common interview questions are, Tell me about yourself, Why should we hire you, Tell me about your strengths and weaknesses, and What do you know about our organization. Interviewers want to know how you use your skills on the job. A simple way to answer this question is the STAR method. Tell him or her about the situation, task, action taken, and results of your action.


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