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Alabama FAST: FAFSA Application Survival Toolkit 4 Steps to Federal Student Financial Aid
  1. Plan Ahead
  2. Complete the FAFSA Form
  3. Review Award Offer & Accept Award
  4. Renew & Repay

Complete the FAFSA form for the FIRST TIME during the year before the start of a qualifying college, trade school, technical college, or program.

Complete the FAFSA form EVERY YEAR as long as the student is enrolled in the qualifying program.


Download the Student & Family Guide to FAFSA at aces.edu/FAFSA.


Portia Johnson, Extension Specialist, Assistant Professor, Auburn University; Kassandra Ross, Clinical Instructor of Marketing, University of Alabama; Emily Hines, Regional Extension Agent, Auburn University

New July 2022, 4 Steps to Federal Student Financial Aid, FCS-2684

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