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enrolled Alabama 4-H member holding rabbit

4HOnline 2.0 is a new system for 4-H this club year. Alabama is the first state in the country to open the new club year in this system so some features are still under construction. Contact your county Extension office for additional assistance if you still have questions after following these steps. 4HOnline 2.0 can also assist you if you have accessibility needs.

Setting Up a New Family Profile

  1. Open Google Chrome, and go to http://v2.4honline.com to start the enrollment process. If you are a new family enrolling for the first time, select Don’t have an account? to start the process. If you had a family profile in the old system, click Reset Password to get access to your old account information sent to your family email. For those trying to re-enroll, view the Re-Enrolling in 4HOnline content piece.
  2. Select your state – Alabama.
  3. Select Alabama 4-H Youth Development.
  4. Select the county where your residence is located.
  5. Complete the Create Your Account page, and then Verify Your Address on the next page.
  6. Select which program you would like to join. Click 4-H and then Next.
  7. Complete the Add Member page, click Next .
  8. Complete the About You page, click Next.
  9. Select I want to join 4-H as a New or Returning Member, click finish.
  10. Click Select Clubs and select all of the clubs you have joined. Click Next when you are finished. Members must select at least one club. Volunteers must select Club Volunteer then add one club. 
  11. Click Select Projects, and select all of the projects you are currently doing or interested in doing. Click Next.
  12. Click Show Questions, and review your demographic data. Complete any additional information needed, click Next.
  13. Select Show Health Form, and complete needed information. Sign at the bottom of the page, click Next.
  14. Select Show Consents, and complete the needed information. Sign each consent, click Next.


A confirmation page will be last where you will click Submit to submit your enrollment. This takes you back to your family account where you can Add Member to enroll any other youth or volunteer members in your household.

Once your enrollment has been approved, you will receive an email letting you know. You will not be able to register for events or trainings until your enrollment has been approved at the county level.

If you have any issues, contact your county Extension Office or the State 4-H Office at support@al4hzendesk.com.