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Through a network of county offices, urban centers, diagnostic labs, and more, the Alabama Cooperative Extension System has a friendly face in all 67 counties, ready to serve you. You can think of a county office as your frontline access to the county and statewide resources that Alabama Extension offers. These resources include educational materials on a variety of topics, in-person programs and activities and even connections to other supporting institutions. No matter your issue or question, there is someone in a county Extension office that can help find the answer.

One of the best examples of this type of help can be found in Morgan County. When you walk through the doors of the Morgan County Extension office, you will meet the friendly face of Norma Gardner, the administrative support associate for the office. With her signature smile and warm personality, she is there to welcome you and help you find what you are looking for. For Gardner, she said her calling is service. She loves having the opportunity to help people in her community and welcome them to the office.

A Friendly Face in Every County

Norma GardnerNo matter where you go, whether it is a county office, research center, or any other Extension location, you will meet a friendly face, eager to help answer your questions.

  • 67 county offices
  • 3 satellite offices
  • 9 urban centers
  • 3 diagnostic labs
  • 15 Extension centers
  • 600+ employees

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The Alabama Cooperative Extension System congratulates Steve Li on his recognition from the Alabama Farmers Federation as the 2023 recipient of the Rittenour Award for Production Agriculture & Forestry Research. This award recognizes Auburn University faculty for creative research. Li is an associate professor in the Auburn University College of Agriculture and an Alabama Extension weed specialist. He received $10,000 from the Alabama Farmers Agriculture Foundation.

Alabama Farmers Federation President Jimmy Parnell said the Federation was honored to present the Rittenour award to an innovative and outstanding agriculturalist.

“Our farmers need professionals like Dr. Li on their side,” Parnell said. “They have implemented new technology, techniques and field days that have helped improve numerous farmers’ bottom lines.”

For more than a year, Federation meetings have included one item on the agenda consistently: spray drone demonstration by Li. Farmers across the state have benefitted from his one-of-a-kind research and his real-time updates on results and findings. His drone presentations and on-farm research have helped farmers across commodities harness innovative technology for crop protection.

“I appreciate it very much,” Li said. “I don’t help people for a return. I wasn’t expecting anything, but this is a pleasant surprise. And I think it’s great to know people appreciate what we do.”

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This is the fifth annual Rittenour award. Read more from the Farmers Federation in their news release.

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