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What is Engaging Citizens through Environmental Education?

  • Engaging Citizens through Environmental Education is a component of UESEP (Urban Environmental Science Education Program). 
  • This UESEP component provides a framework for citizens to become better environmental stewards by identifying emerging environmental issues and by providing unbiased science-based information to aid in their understanding of these pertinent issues.

Component Highlights

  • Soil and water conservation (water quality testing and monitoring)
  • Natural resource management (renewable and nonrenewable resources)
  • Global positioning systems and geocaching
  • Wildlife recovery and sustainability (Eastern bluebird recovery)
  • Wildlife management (honey bee preservation and backyard wildlife)
  • Greening and green space development (urban, faith, and community gardens)
  • Urban forestry and ecological processes
  • Safety disaster preparedness
  • Reuse, reduce, and recycle efforts

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