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Alabama 4-H Good Dog

The Alabama 4-H Good Dog! Project is a program that focuses on aspects of dog companionship. You will learn not only how to train a dog to make a special pet but to train a dog for obedience and agility, ultimately competing in a dog show. This project covers subjects including behaviors, health and nutrition, service project ideas, dog-related careers, and public speaking. The 4-H Good Dog! Project encourages youth to set goals, manage time, and master critical thinking, decision-making, and problem-solving skills. Ultimately, youth will compete in a county 4-H dog show. Winners proceed to a regional and/or state show.

Who Can Participate4-H Good Dog Project, Animals, Border Collie

Any young person age 9 through 18 as of January 1 of the project year can participate. You do not have to be a current 4-H member; however, you will need to complete a 4-H enrollment form if you are not a member.

How It Works

Participants must attend at least six obedience practice workshops prior to entering an obedience class at a 4-H county dog show. All 4-H participants and parents/guardians must agree to and sign the Alabama 4-H Good Dog! Project Waiver of Liability form and the Immunization Form before participating in workshops, shows, and/or demonstrations.

If there is more than one 4-H’er in a family competing in the project, they may work with the same dog. If participants do not own a dog, they may exhibit a dog owned by another person, providing they have an acceptable agreement regarding care and training of the dog. No dog belonging to a judge or a judge’s immediate family may be entered in a show at which the judge is officiating. Participants are strongly encouraged to consult with their veterinarians before beginning obedience training.


There are three levels of obedience classes: Beginner Novice, Intermediate Novice, and Advanced Novice. Below are the 4-H Good Dog curriculum materials:


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