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Alabama 4-H, the state’s leading youth development organization, provides education and learning opportunities in three primary areas: civic engagement and leadership, healthy living, and science. Our curriculums, publications, and videos open new worlds of learning for young people seeking fun, adventure, and knowledge. Explore and enjoy!


Alabama 4-H Videos

Video TitleVideo Link
2020 Summer Camp Announcementhttps://youtu.be/5JqoykqvNc4
4-H Bug Show #1https://youtu.be/eZMPqHG2eWw
4-H Bug Show #2https://youtu.be/DGzworwvsr0
4-H Bug Show #3https://youtu.be/jXhDMWZCtp4
4-H Bug Show #4https://youtu.be/KIQCq-7QDUo
4-H Competitive Eventshttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1vkfstHOKKE
4-H Egg Cookery Serieshttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LpZgTZQm6dI&list=PLkNoAmOtt__9-H2GvE5q1zw46Z2acLKB4
4-H Get's Cookin' - Fast and Easy Fried Ricehttps://youtu.be/mna3pMkcPs8
4-H Gets Cookin' - Berrylicious Blackberry Cobblerhttps://youtu.be/ilJPSs6Ehfg
4-H Gets Cookin' - Fun & Easy Symmetry Snackshttps://youtu.be/hxnH1URbEZ0
4-H Gets Cookin' - Introductionhttps://youtu.be/-Gewizeowd8
4-H Gets Cookin' - Ooey Gooey Grilled Cheesehttps://youtu.be/EsLoR2OYvt8
4-H Goes WILD - Backyard Birdshttps://youtu.be/ud_t39jAuv8
4-H Goes WILD - Creepy Crawlershttps://youtu.be/XLfpyqWsT3A
4-H Goes WILD - Introductionhttps://youtu.be/3Ttl-cdIM1Y
4-H Goes WILD - Nature Journalinghttps://youtu.be/MlsJb1bKp-c
4-H Goes WILD - Tree IDhttps://youtu.be/A35PcT74FHU
4-H GROWShttps://youtu.be/Mu-6aMHs6Co
4-H RiverKidshttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bcXIfU17LVE&list=PLkNoAmOtt___EAEhKQp-WyyvkuLmk-Zgw
4-H Shooting Sports - Eye Dominancehttps://youtu.be/TIVayKuQGG4
4-H Shooting Sports - Prone Positionhttps://youtu.be/oCkY_mHyUP4
4-H Shooting Sports - Standing Position


4-H Shooting Sports - The Trap Machinehttps://youtu.be/k5S2tP5p8Ok
AGventure Awaits - Pickles: What's the Dill?https://youtu.be/BbLTg1ZM1K4
AGventure Awaits - Introductionhttps://youtu.be/jODKcugd0AE
AGventure Awaits - Moo Along: Beef versus Dairyhttps://youtu.be/6LZdtlCPi4o
AGventure Awaits - Pine Tree Farminghttps://youtu.be/QFRqpgAJ-7k
AGventure Awaits - Walking in High Cottonhttps://youtu.be/lUP7s9P_fjE
Alabama 4-H Foundation - 4-H Center Expansionhttps://youtu.be/KgNXb2FxhhU
Alabama 4-H Summer Camp Highlighthttps://youtu.be/S2V0ccPzPDw
Alabama 4-H Summer Camp Promohttps://youtu.be/t398lWGE4Lg
Dutch Elm Diseasehttps://youtu.be/jzRuVWEx6Mg
Forest Diseases: Annosus Root Rot, 4-H Forestryhttps://youtu.be/bHybFam7pKM
Forest Diseases: Black Knot, 4-H Forestryhttps://youtu.be/M3tAcfxMWcM
Forest Diseases: Brown Spot Needle Blight, 4-H Forestryhttps://youtu.be/hd7_D_njjF8
Forest Diseases: Cedar Apple Rust, 4-H Forestryhttps://youtu.be/5pM2-DsLFws
Forest Diseases: Chestnut Blight, 4-H Forestryhttps://youtu.be/4_-4bjZUdtg
Forest Diseases: Dutch Elm Disease, 4-H Forestryhttps://youtu.be/szzaHFzm1iY
Forest Diseases: Fusiform Rust, 4-H Forestryhttps://youtu.be/iyceeGlo61M
Forest Diseases: Hypoxylon Canker, 4-H Forestryhttps://youtu.be/1kQKw2i4wAc
Forest Diseases: Nectria Canker, 4-H Forestryhttps://youtu.be/25BLPxk9V2I
Forest Diseases: Oak Wilt, 4-H Forestryhttps://youtu.be/ZJcw6bn9TDk
Forest Diseases: Red Heart, 4-H Forestryhttps://youtu.be/Km1HJRy8e5Q
Forest Diseases: White Pine Blister Rust, 4-H Forestryhttps://youtu.be/HF_6w6LSaSM
Full STEAM Ahead - Biofuel Blasthttps://youtu.be/a7AiZBJN9tA
Full STEAM Ahead - Biologyhttps://youtu.be/2B0nN22FJEo
Full STEAM Ahead - Buoyancyhttps://youtu.be/8pcn4jWo12E
Full STEAM Ahead - Introductionhttps://youtu.be/XYsPAo-wbzc
Full STEAM Ahead - Rocketryhttps://youtu.be/95RgOkAbwdc
Get Outside and Go! - Let's Take a Hikehttps://youtu.be/ML0cmITLK-s
Get Outside and Go! - Put on Your PFDhttps://youtu.be/H-Ib8dG6MtU
Get Outside and Go! - Take Your Aimhttps://youtu.be/hMJmeiPmPK4
Get Outside and Go! - Why Knot Go Fishing?https://youtu.be/hW8U0h1gtYA
Golden Egg Contesthttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bcXIfU17LVE&list=PLkNoAmOtt___EAEhKQp-WyyvkuLmk-Zgw
Happy Trails to You: Summer Camp in Your Own Backyard - Backyard Wild Sheltershttps://youtu.be/bcJ_aqLhWlc
Happy Trails to You: Summer Camp in Your Own Backyard - Do the Rot Thinghttps://youtu.be/CE1iWl08wOo
Happy Trails to You: Summer Camp in Your Own Backyard - Introductionhttps://youtu.be/bY9A0mKPOTg
Happy Trails to You: Summer Camp in Your Own Backyard - Water Water Everywherehttps://youtu.be/TKp8Y5uOUeY
Happy Trails to You: Summer Camp in Your Own Backyard - Whooo Eats What?https://youtu.be/2X5eB8OAD4M
Insects: Black Turpentine Beetle, 4-H Forestryhttps://youtu.be/Fh7E6Tgt3Ow
Insects: Conifer Sawfly, 4-H Forestryhttps://youtu.be/9-6UBpYYO8Y
Insects: Eastern Tent Caterpillar, 4-H Forestryhttps://youtu.be/4k2Ddh45WGI
Insects: Fall Web Worm, 4-H Forestryhttps://youtu.be/4cZtfH2jRfw
Insects: Gypsy Moth, 4-H Forestryhttps://youtu.be/AXXqX2TXces
Insects: Ips Engraver Beetle, 4-H Forestryhttps://youtu.be/LIrXfiDmZwM
Insects: Locust Borer, 4-H Forestryhttps://youtu.be/q1NjyUkWwUI
Insects: Nantucket Pine Tip Moth, 4-H Forestryhttps://youtu.be/estU7GKQ11g
Insects: Pales Weevil, 4-H Forestryhttps://youtu.be/edOvlJv6FjA
Insects: Periodical Cicada, 4-H Forestryhttps://youtu.be/bD99FQAgb9M
Insects: Pine Web Worm, 4-H Forestryhttps://youtu.be/C3Ko_xxisZY
Insects: Southern Pine Beetle, 4-H Forestryhttps://youtu.be/kto7el49sxE
Insects: White Pine Weevil, 4-H Forestryhttps://youtu.be/Mqg6kTa45Fw
Just Move! Healthy Living - Green Thumbhttps://youtu.be/gm-olqGGghs
Just Move! Healthy Living - Hula Hoop Ithttps://youtu.be/oyvYvruZfmw
Just Move! Healthy Living - Introductionhttps://youtu.be/vfztRgtoVw4
Just Move! Healthy Living - Just Chillhttps://youtu.be/fLeB7m1-62s
Just Move! Living Healthy - Magic Muscleshttps://youtu.be/Ap1bd4Jgn3I
Make Your Mark - Celebrate Your Personalityhttps://youtu.be/zareqV_O4_o
Make Your Mark - Citizenship Responsibilitieshttps://youtu.be/35Q9hxIKOkk
Make Your Mark - Flag Etiquettehttps://youtu.be/0CRAHGCBFVo
Make Your Mark - Introductionhttps://youtu.be/7Y30YHgMaYQ
Make Your Mark - Making the World a Better Placehttps://youtu.be/FAGIJsqDZfw
Tree Identificationhttps://youtu.be/BBx5l-AiHqc
Tree Measurementhttps://youtu.be/R8kzuq6ecKI
Welcome to 4-H Camp!https://youtu.be/f_5LsiWevcA