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Alabama 4-H State Ambassadors

Growing Alabama’s Future

Alabama 4-H is committed to helping our Alabama communities thrive by providing opportunities for young people to be healthy, caring, and responsible. Dedicated staff and volunteers provide caring and supportive relationships that empower young people to feel valued, useful to their communities through service and action, and culturally competent to work and live with a diverse community. In addition, Alabama 4-H sets boundaries and expectations through constructive use of time where youth are creating, learning, and exploring the possibilities of a future with purpose, optimism, and personal power. There is no greater journey than the one shared with a young person. Come join us to build a better future though our young people.

Enrollment and Delivery Snapshot

  • 4-H is in every Alabama county
  • 161,937 young people enrolled
  • 51,699 club members
  • 3,346 clubs
  • 8,935 volunteers
  • 742 total schools served
  • 590 Title I schools served
  • 19,882 high school participants
  • 6,114 reside on farms
  • 77,469 reside in towns with pop. <10,000
  • 42,259 reside in towns with pop. 10,000–50,000
  • 14,983 reside in suburbs/cities
  • 21,112 reside in urban areas
  • 105 Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander
  • 1,711 Asian
  • 44,598 Black or African American
  • 16,657 Hispanic
  • 1,390 American Indian or Alaskan Native
  • 107,268 White
  • 3,598 did not indicate race
  • 3,267 more than one race

The Bottom Line

4-H’ers are 4X more likely to give back to their communities, 2X more likely to make healthier choices, and 2X more likely to participate in STEM. With your help, 4-H will continue to empower thousands of young people and strengthen hundreds of communities across Alabama.

Click here to support 4-H programs at www.alabama4hfoundation.org. Contact your county Extension office to learn about local opportunities.

Download a printable PDF of 4HYD-2402 Alabama 4-H Statewide Report.

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