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Alabama 4-H S.A.F.E. target

If you enjoy being outdoors, then you will love the Alabama 4-H SAFE (Shooting Awareness Fun Education) program. Alabama 4-H SAFE is a youth development education program that emphasizes peer mentoring and positive interactions between youth and adults. This program covers firearm safety and teaches responsible handling, use, and storage.

Youth must be at least 9 years old to participate. 4-H SAFE uses the skills and disciplines of safe shooting to teach the principles of responsible firearm ownership and assist young people and their leaders with essential life skills. All Alabama 4-H SAFE programs and events are conducted under the supervision of an adult volunteer or staff who has successfully completed the 12-hour state 4-H SAFE coach certification class.

What makes this program different? 4-H SAFE clubs are founded on the principles of positive youth development. Alabama 4-H’s goal is to ensure that youth feel welcome in the program, that they grow in leadership independence, and are inspired to be generous in service to others.

Get ready, because this project is hands on! Pick one or all of the project disciplines Alabama 4-H offers: Archery, Shotgun, and Rifle.